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Rules [May. 5th, 2007|09:52 am]
Vinyl RP

o1. No unnecessary drama. This is number one for a reason. This whole thing is about having fun, and when you have people creating immature, unnecessary drama left, right and centre, well... It's just not fun any more. And in continuation of this rule, in character and out of character should remain seperate. If this rule is broken, bent, or otherwise mutilated and is brought to a mod's attention, you will get one warning. If it occurs again, you will be removed.

o2. At least one substantial update should be posted every month, and warnings will be given every three weeks. When you go to update your journal, don't make every single post a one-liner or a picture post. That doesn't give any indication of what your character has been doing and gives the impression that you just don't want to put any effort into letting others know what's been going on. A substantial update consists of at least a paragraph, but obviously you can write more if you would like that. The sky's the limit! (Although I think livejournal does have a character limit on entries...)

o3. Keep all storylines mature and realistic. Do research if you're going to be tackling a mature issue. Some storylines will be uncomfortable for some people, and it's just considerate to do the correct research before deciding to involve something like this in the storyline. Above all, keep it realistic! This means no m-preg, no suicide, no soap-opera storylines.

o4. As this is a celebrity community, please know about the person you will be portraying. This should go without saying, but it seems like a lot of people are making a habit of playing people who they know nothing about. Do research, and attempt to do justice to the celebrity you are portraying.

o5. Lastly, be active and have fun, yeah? That's what these places are all about.